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Information about Freesat

    What is Freesat?

    Freesat is a free-to-air TV system that gives you access to channels similar to Freeview. This service is a non-subscription service. 

    See if Freesat delivers to your area.

    Sony TVs that are compatible with Freesat app

    • 2021 Sony’s Google TVs:
      • X80J, X81J, X82J, X85J, X89J, X90J, X92J, X93J, X94J, X95J, A80J, A83J, A84J, A90J, Z9J Series. 
    • 2020 Sony's Android TVs:
      • XH90, XH92 Series. 
    • 2020 Sony’s Android TVs:
      • XH80, XH81, XH85, XH91, XH95, A8x, A9, ZH8 Series

    Sony TVs that are not compatible with Freesat app

    • 2021 Sony’s Android TVs:
      • W800, W804 Series. 
    • 2020 Sony’s non-Android TVs:
      • X70 series. 
    • 2019 Sony's Android TVs:
      • ZG9 series
      • XG85, XG87, XG95, AG9 Series
      • XG80, XG81, XG83, XG90 and AG8 Series
      • WG6, XG70
    • 2018 Sony’s Android TVs:
      • AF9 and ZF9 series. 
      • XF75, XF80, XF83, XF85, XF87, XF90 and AF8 Series
      • WF6, XF70
    • 2017 Sony's Android TVs:
      • XE80, XE83, XE85, XE90, XE93, XE94 and A1 Series
      • WE6, WE75, XE70
    • 2016 Sony's Android TVs:
      • XD70, XD75, XD80, SD80, XD83 and ZD9 Series
      • SD85, XD85, XD93 and XD94 Series
      • WD6, WD75
    • 2015 Sony's Android TVs:
      • W75C, W80C, W85C, S80C, S85C, X80C, X83C, X85C, X90C, X91C, X93C and X94C Series