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Removal of certain features for BRAVIA TV models

    The availability of some third-party powered EPG / TV Guide-related features on BRAVIA TVs launched in 2013 and onwards will be changed or removed:

    • From March 31, 2024:
      • The 'Related content' tab in the TV guide (EPG) will no longer be available on BRAVIA TVs launched in 2015 and onwards.
    • From April 30, 2024:
      • For BRAVIA TVs launched in 2015 and onwards, the Media Player Research result will be empty.
      • For BRAVIA TVs launched in 2013 and 2014, the features listed below will be removed.

    What features will be removed on 2013-2014 BRAVIA TVs?

    The following features will end for BRAVIA TV models launched in 2013 and 2014. These features were powered by a third-party service that added additional info or a context layer on top of the standard TV Guide. After removal, the classic Sony TV guide will remain. 

    2013 models2014 models
    • TV Guide and Search
      (Classic TV Guide stays)
    • Related Search
    • Text Search
    • TrackID
    • Home Menu (Program thumbnail)
    • Fast Zapping: YouTube, BBC iPlayer
    • TV Guide and Search
      (Default Sony TV Guide will stay)
    • Related Search
    • Text Search
    • TrackID
    • Channel order setup
    • Screen casting from YouTube and Netflix apps
      (Note: YouTube and Netflix do not get removed)
    • Home Menu, thumbnail in Channel (category)
    • Home Menu, Internet service contents in Music (category)
    • Discover (Top Picks/Video Category(ex. YouTube))

    Note: Some features are available in certain regions only.

    Please click here for the list of affected 2013-2014 models.