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What is the difference between the two included remote controls?

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    Found two remotes in the box? This was no mistake! One's a Radio Frequency remote control and the other an Infrared remote.

    Each remote caters to a different viewing experience. Both remotes can perform the same functions, but each lets you perform certain functions faster than the other. 

    RF (Radio Frequency) remote control with Google Assistant or MIC button: 

    The RF Remote is your go-to controller for watching streaming services. You'll find shortcut buttons to your favourite streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ etc.

    The built-in Mic and Google Assistant eliminate the need for specific physical buttons. Navigate your TV using voice commands instead of pressing buttons repeatedly. 

    One more thing, you needn't point the remote at the TV while using it anymore. RF controllers wirelessly connect to your TV, meaning no more awkward stretches with the remote if a soundbar or ornament blocks the TV receiver.  

    Here are some examples of shortcuts on this compact and minimalist remote control.

    •  (HOME): Display the TV Home Menu.
    •  (Quick Settings): Access your general Settings or features like Picture modeSleep timer and Audio output for connected devices. 
    •  (Control menu): Buttons like the number pad aren't physically available on this control. Press the control menu to pull them up on the screen.

    Remember how RF controls wirelessly connect to your TV? Use the Find Remote feature to play a sound on your remote as you would with a smartphone in case you can't find it. 

    To use the Find Remote feature 

    IR (Infrared) remote control without Google Assistant or MIC button: 

    The IR remote control is the trusty remote control you've used over the years. If you spend more time watching TV programmes than shows or films on streaming services, then this is probably the remote to use. Using the physical keypad on the remote may be easier for you than on the screen using the RF controller.