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How to resolve the network pop-up message on your TV

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You may have noticed one of the following pop-up messages appearing on your TV screen:

  • Ethernet is not connected
  • Wi-Fi is not connected

If you experiencing either of these symptoms, please try the following solutions.

For AF9 and ZF9 Series

Please ensure that your TV's firmware is v6.0744 or higher. You can check the firmware version by using the following menu path:

  1. Press the [HOME] button on the remote control
  2. Select the [System Information] card
  3. Review the software version (located in the top right-hand corner)

For 2016-2018 Android TVs that have upgraded to v6.5830 - Android Oreo
(XD70, XD75, XD80, XD83, SD80, ZD9, XE80, XE83, XE85, XE90, XE93, XE94, A1, XF75, XF80, XF83, XF85, XF87, XF90 and AF8 Series):

  1. Please ensure that the Android TV Core Services application is "Version 1.8.5..." or higher
    1. Press the [HOME] button on the remote control
    2. Select the [Settings] menu
    3. Select the [Apps] menu
    4. Select the [Android TV Core Services] application
    5. Check the version number. If the version is lower than "1.8.5...", please go to step 2
  2. Update Android TV Core Services application from the Google Play Store
    1. Press the [HOME] button on the remote control
    2. Select the [Apps] menu
    3. Select the [Get More App] icon
    4. Sign into your Google account
    5. Select the [My App] menu in the Google Play Store
    6. Select the [Android TV Core Services] application
    7. Select [Update]
    8. After the update process has finished, please check the application's firmware version in the [Full Description] submenu 
    9. The Android TV Core Services application should be “Version 1.8.5…….” or the latest version available

NOTE: This issue should be resolved in the next firmware update. To stay informed, please regularly visit or bookmark this page.

Unsure which TV series your model belongs to? Here are some examples:

  • KD-65ZD9
  • KD-75XE9405
  • KD-43XF8096