Article ID : 00161849 / Last Modified : 21/02/2021

How to use Google Cast on a computer using the Chrome Browser


    • To cast with a Google Chrome browser, make sure you are running the latest Chrome browser and have installed a Google Cast extension.
    • When casting a tab, it shows the Google tab, but there are system requirements to follow in order not to limit functions to projecting web pages, images and slide shows.
    • Casting a Google Cast-enabled web site is different from casting a tab using a Chrome browser.

    Follow these steps if you already have downloaded the Chrome browser on your computer.

    1. Open up the Chrome browser.

      NOTE: If you need to update Chrome, follow these steps to check for updates.

      1. Click the Menu Image, on the upper right corner of the Chrome browser.
      2. Click About Google Chrome, to check for updates and update if necessary.

    2. Download the Google Cast extension.

      Follow these steps on how to download the Google Cast extension.

      1. Using your Chrome browser, please follow this link.

        NOTE: You should see an image similar to this.

      2. Click ADD TO CHROME.
        NOTE: A confirmation screen will come up.

      3. Click Add, on the confirmation screen.

        • Google Cast with Chrome will now be downloaded.
        • Once the Google Cast extension is installed, the cast icon will appear on the upper right corner of the Chrome browser.


    3. Open the Google tab that you want to cast.
    4. Tap the cast icon on the upper right corner of the Chrome browser.
      NOTE: When casting web sites or apps like Netflix service, YouTube videos, Stan, Presto, or Quickflix, tap the Cast icon on the app or the web site.

    5. Select the TV model.

      NOTE: The Google Cast icon located on the top right corner of the Chrome browser will appear in blue Image once it successfully connected to the TV.

    6. Play the video on the computer.

      NOTE: The video from the computer should be playing on the TV, once it successfully did the casting of the content.