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Intermittently no power or unable to turn on the TV

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If the TV has no power or power cuts off  intermittently, it might be due to a loosening connection, like in example below.

Loose DC Plug


Please make sure that the DC power plug on the AC adapter has been inserted properly and securely as shown below.

DC Plug properly connected


IMPORTANT: This is a model-specific solution and applicable only to the models below.

KDL-32W705B, KDL-32W706B
KDL-42W705B, KDL-42W706B
KDL-42W805B, KDL-42W815B, KDL-42W828B, KDL-42W829B
KDL-50W705B, KDL-50W706B
KDL-50W805B, KDL-50W815B, KDL-50W828B, KDL-50W829B
KDL-55W828B, KDL-55W829B