Article ID : 00255811 / Last Modified : 18/12/2020

How do I open my TV remote control?

    When your remote is not performing as expected, the most common solution is to replace the batteries. However, TV remotes come in many shapes and sizes, and depending on the remote you're using, the mechanism to open the battery compartment is different. 

    Let's have a look at some common mechanisms. 

    The clip and tilt 

    Very common and easily identifiable: you recognise the battery compartment on the back of the remote by the clearly defined lid. Usually, there is a little clip you can hold to remove the cover. 

    clip back remote

    clip remote


    The arrow

    Arrow remotes have a button at the underside of the remote. If you press the arrow, the entire back cover will come loose, revealing the battery compartment. 

    arrow press remote

    arrow press remote


    The slider

    Slider remotes require you to slide either a part of the back cover or the entire back cover to one direction, possibly marked by a triangle. 

    slider remotes