Article ID : 00162298 / Last Modified : 20/03/2018

How to access Netflix

    This article provides information on how the Netflix app works and how to access it using your Internet video device:

    What is Netflix?

    Prior to accessing the Netflix app on your device, we recommend reviewing the following information:

    Is Netflix available where I live?

    Information regarding Netflix video streaming service availability.

    How do I access Netflix on my device?

    Locating the Netflix app on your Netflix capable device will vary depending the type of device being used. The following article provides detailed information to answer the question  where is Netflix app located on my device ? For Blu-ray Disc players, this article on  how to access Netflix may help.

    Do I need to sign in or link to my Netflix account?

    Prior to watching videos using the Netflix app, you must sign in or link the device to your Netflix account . The steps to do this will differ depending on the type of device being used and the version of Netflix used by the device . The following article provides step-by-step information for  how to configure my Sony device for video streaming from Netflix .