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How to set up and use the Wi-Fi Direct feature on your TV with Wi-Fi Direct capable devices

    Wi-Fi Direct is a feature that allows you to connect a device to the TV wirelessly, without using a wireless router, and then stream videos, photos, and music that is stored on your device directly to the TV.

    For details, refer to the following article: What is the Wi-Fi Direct feature?

    Activate the Wi-Fi Direct mode of the TV and establish a connection with the mobile device. Once the setup is complete, media can be shared between the mobile device and the TV.

    Step1. Set up the Wi-Fi Direct feature of the TV.

    NOTE: Not all TVs have the Wi-Fi Direct feature. To see if your product supports the Wi-Fi Direct feature, check the specifications or the supplied manual.

    Step2. Connect a mobile device to the TV and send content.

    If the mobile device cannot connect to the TV, refer to the following article:
    Wi-Fi Direct/Screen mirroring supported device cannot connect to BRAVIA / How to confirm the permission of the device?