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What is Media Remote application?

    Media Remote is an application that works with selected Sony devices like Blu-ray Disc/DVD Player or BRAVIA devices, etc. With it, you can operate your Sony device via other mobile devices or display music information on the TV program or other content you are watching on your mobile device. An alphanumeric character can be easily input with this application.

    Note: This app won't work with PlayStation®3 or older devices.

    Main functions of Media Remote for TV

    1. Simple Remote: This allows you to navigate through the graphic user interface. Glide your finger over the screen to move the cursor, and tap any place on the screen to enter a selected item.
    2. Full Remote: This gives you the option to use almost the same buttons as you would have available on an actual remote control, enabling one-touch control of most of the key functions of your Sony devices.
    3. Keyboard: A full QWERTY touch-screen keyboard simplifies the typing experience.
    4. Free Cursor Remote: You can move the cursor freely while the browser displays on the screen.
    5. Catch & Throw: You can receive/send the website URL between your Sony device and your mobile device. You can display the website you are currently viewing on the TV on your mobile device or the other way around.
    6. Disc History/Disc Information: This will allow you to view information on the movie you are enjoying - enabling you to find information about the cast or director or find an image of the package. There is also a seamless link to YouTube to search for content related to the movie.
    7. Now Playing Bar: You can see information about the movie or program you are watching or search for related content.


    • Media Remote app will only work if your mobile device and your Sony device are on the same wireless network.
    • Some functions may not be available, depending on the products you are using.
    • Certain functions may not be available in some regions/countries.
    • A seamless link to YouTube is subject to change or termination without notice.