Article ID : 00162120 / Last Modified : 22/10/2020

The Instant Queue or My List displayed does not reflect the changes made on the Netflix website

    • Instant Queue is a Netflix service featured on older Sony Internet devices which use Netflix version 1 app.
    • My List is a Netflix service feature on Sony devices which use Netflix version 2 and Netflix version 3 apps.

    Prior to following the instructions in this answer, determine the version of Netflix  used by your device.

    If the device uses Instant Queue:

    Changes to the movie content in the Instant Queue are not necessarily automatically reflected in the queue. Follow the steps below to force the refresh of the Instant Queue when you add or remove content from the queue.

    1. Using the supplied remote, press the HOME button.
    2. Use the left or right arrow to select Video.
    3. Use the up or down arrow to select Netflix.
    4. Press the Select button.
    5. Press the Option button.
    6. Select Refresh List.

    If the device uses My List:

    Any changes to the movie content in My List like addition and removal of movies from the list are automatically reflected by default on your Sony device. The list will update automatically whenever the list is modified either on a Sony Internet device or on the Netflix web site.
    The following links to the Netflix Help Center website provide additional information regarding the My List feature.