Article ID : 00164953 / Last Modified : 22/10/2020

Netflix issues with thumbnails, Play store not loading, TV and Movie apps listings or unable to locate provider by zip code on Sony Internet Televisions

    You may encounter the following issues on Google Powered Blu-ray players and Google Powered Televisions when using Cisco/Linksys routers:


    • Grayed out Netflix video thumbnails.
    • Google Play store displays blank page, or does not load.
    • TV & Movies Apps does not show any listings.
    • Unable to locate cable provider by Zip Code.

    If the following symptoms are confirmed and you are using a Cisco/Linksys Router, the firewall on the router is blocking or filtering certain traffic from reaching the devices. Do the following to resolve:

    1. Confirm that the router firmware is up to date before proceeding.
    2. Once it has been confirmed that you have the latest firmware your router, under router Security settings, select the Firewall tab.
    3. On the Firewall tab, do the following:
      1. Uncheck Filter Anonymous Internet Requests.

      2. Disconnect the device from the network and then reconnect.
      3. Confirm if the issue has been fixed, by testing for proper functionality. If you are still experiencing the issue, continue with this procedure.
    4. Navigate to Applications & Gaming and then click on the DMZ tab.

    5. On the DMZ tab, do the following:
      1. Set Status to "Enabled"
      2. Set Source IP Address to "Any IP Address"
      3. Set Destination to "Mac Address" , and select device from the DHCP Client Table.
      4. Save Settings.
      5. Disconnect the Television from the network and reconnect using a manual Static IP address.