Article ID : 00165729 / Last Modified : 09/09/2021

How to create and use a Netflix account

    The following table provides answer to some of the common question regarding the set up and usage of a Netflix account with an Internet video device.
     Question  Answer
     How to open a new account with Netflix using a computer.  Follow these steps to set up a new account.
     How to configure a device to stream Netflix video.  Follow these steps to configure a Netflix-ready device  for streaming of movies and video.
     How to unlink my Netflix account from the device.  Follow these instructions to disconnect a single device or all of the devices  connected to a Netflix account.
     How to delete or change my Netflix video account. Follow the steps on how to delete or change my NetFlix video account.
     How many devices can I link to my Netflix instant-view account?
     A Netflix account can have up to six unique devices.
     How to check the member information and system information when using the Netflix app.  This information can be viewed on devices using version 3 of the Netflix app.

    Visit the Netflix Help Centre for more information and answer to your Netflix account questions.