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Connecting your BRAVIA TV to the internet

    This article provides a general overview of how to connect your BRAVIA TV to the internet, including how to establish a wireless or wired connection, how to troubleshoot connection issues, how to access and install internet apps, and how to connect to the Internet Browser on your TV. 

    Table of contents:

    Before you start:

    • Make sure your BRAVIA TV has built-in Wi-Fi or is Wi-Fi ready if you wish to connect to the internet wirelessly.
    • When you first turn on your BRAVIA TV, either right after purchase or a factory reset, you'll have the opportunity to set up an internet connection during the initial TV setup.
    • The initial setup should start automatically. However, if it doesn't, you can manually start the setup by following the steps below.

    Tip: Press the  (Up) /  (Down) /  (Left) /  (Right) directional arrow keys on the remote control to highlight the item you want to select, then press the  (ENTER) button on the remote to select it.

    How to manually start the TV setup

    How to set up a network connection during the initial setup

    How to connect your TV to the internet using a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection

    Follow the steps below to establish a wireless connection between your BRAVIA TV and a Wi-Fi network:

    Important: Make sure to set up a wireless router before attempting to connect your TV to the internet. Refer to the router's instruction manual for more information.

    1. Press the HOME button on the remote control.
    2. Navigate to (Settings) on the TV, or select the or spanner(Quick Settings) button on the remote control.
    3. The next steps will depend on your TV menu options:
      • Select Network and Internet > Wi-Fi > On.
      • Select Network > Network setup > Wireless setup > Scan.
      • Select Network > Network setup > Easy > Wi-Fi > Connect by scan list.
      • Select Network > Network Setup > Set up network connection > Auto > Wireless LAN.
      • Select Preferences > Setup > Network > Network setup > Set up network connection > Easy.
    4. Select the network you want to connect to.
      If you don't see your home network on the list, scroll down to [See all] and search from the list of available networks. You can also select [Add new network] or [Manual Entry] to enter a network name.
    5. Enter the Wi-Fi password (also called a WEP or WPA security key).
      You can find the password/security key on the router label.
    6. Press the Enter key on the virtual keyboard to connect to the chosen network.

    Helpful information 

    Troubleshooting tips

    How to connect your TV to the internet using a wired connection

    Follow the steps below to create a cable connection between your BRAVIA TV and Wi-Fi network. Refer to this article 

    Set up a wired connection:

    1. Connect an LAN (ethernet) cable into the LAN port on the router and on the back of the TV.
      If there is no open ethernet port on the router, you will need a hub device to connect the TV to your modem.
    2. Follow the steps below:

    For TVs released in or before 2014

    For TVs released after 2014 

    How to access and download internet apps on your TV

    Keep in mind the following:

    • An internet connection and a Google account are required to install apps.
      You can still watch TV broadcasts and view content from connected devices (such as a Blu-ray player) without an internet connection. You can also watch videos from YouTube without a Google account. However, you won't be able to install video streaming apps without an account.
    • If you do not have a Google account or want to create a shared account, we recommend creating a Google account on a computer or mobile device.
      Refer to this article for more details on how to create and change Google accounts on your TV: How to add a Google account to Sony's Android TV.
    • Google and Android TVs can access the Google Play Store and download additional apps. However, other TVs come pre-installed with apps and don’t allow you to install additional apps.
    • Some video streaming apps (e.g. Netflix and Amazon Prime) are paid services.
    • Supported video streaming apps or services depend on your TV model and country or region.
    • For more information about downloading apps on your Android or Google TV, refer to this article: BRAVIA TV apps - How to install, solve problems and more.

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     How to check for available apps and install them on your TV

     How to check which apps are installed on your Android or Google TV 

     What if my TV doesn't support downloading new apps? 

    What if I can connect to the internet, but not to certain apps or services? 

    How to connect to the Internet Browser on your TV

    Follow the steps below to access the Internet Browser on your BRAVIA TV.

    For TVs released in or before 2013

    For TVs released after 2013

    To exit the browser, follow one of the options below:

    • Press the MENU or HOME button on your remote control.
    • Select the menu icon (three vertical dots) on the far-right side of the screen, then choose Exit Browser.
    • Press the Back or Return button on the remote control. When asked if you wish to close the browser, select Exit or Cancel.

    Refer to this article for more information: How to access and use the Internet browser of the TV.