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Cannot perform new Screen Mirroring connection when other Screen Mirroring device is connected to TV

    Some Screen Mirroring devices blocks the connection from new devices.

    To solve this, please disconnect the first Screen Mirroring device by pressing the Return button from the remote control while Screen Mirroring and select YES to question " Are you sure you want to close Screen Mirroring".

    Then make connection with new device by Screen Mirroring function.

    1. Press Input button on remote.
    2. Select Screen Mirroring.
    3. Allow the device to search for your BRAVIA name and select your BRAVIA to enable the connection.
    4. If asked, accept the registration in TV.
    5. When the device is connected with the TV, the screen displayed on the device will also be displayed on the TV.

    Note: The video quality may be degraded due to environmental interference.