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TV not connected to the Internet? Update the software via USB stick

    If your BRAVIA is not connected to the Internet, you can download a firmware update for free from the Sony Support website, save it to a USB stick and install it on your TV.

    Note: A firmware update via our support pages is only available to models with USB software update capability. For models without USB software update capability (often older models), service assistance is required. Please contact Sony via "Contact us" on the Support website, or contact the nearest Authorized Sony Service Centre.

    How to update

    WARNING: Read the instructions carefully or you could end up causing the TV to become unresponsive or require a repair.
    WARNING: Don't turn the TV off or disconnect it from the power while it's updating.
    WARNING: Don't press any buttons, except the ones mentioned in the instructions.
    WARNING: Stop any recording before you start with the firmware update.

    1. Browse to the Sony Support website: 
    2. Select your Country and your local Sony webpage will open.
    3. On top of the pagen, select Support.
    4. Enter your TV model in the Find Support box (for example KDL-42W805A) and confirm.
    5. In the Software and Downloads section, select Firmware
    6. Carefully follow the online instructions to download and install the latest firmware. An update procedure typically looks like this:, but please make sure to apply the procedure for your specific model.

    Confirm whether the update was succesful

    After installing, confirm whether the update has succeeded. 

        1. Turn on your TV and press the HOME button on the remote to display the Home Menu.
        2. Navigate to Product Support category and press OK.
        3. Navigate to System Information and press OK.
        4. On the TV screen, the firmware version number should appear like this: SOFTWARE VERSION - The "" should correspond to the version you have just installed.