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How do I tune or retune my Sony LCD TV (Satellite Guide Single Antenna)?


    • The below procedure applies to all of our Sony LCD televisions (excluding Sony Android TVs). However, depending on your TV model, slight differences between the layout of the remote control and the menu interface may occur.
    • If you need further guidance at any point, you can find out more information in your TV's built-in Help Guide, or by navigating to the Support-page of your TV model.
    • Use below remote commander buttons to navigate.

      Remote directions Remote directions
      Use the arrow buttons on your remote to navigate around the TV menu. Select options by pressing the "plus" button. This is the round button in the centre of the circular Menu area of your remote.


    1. Make sure the satellite antenna (aerial) cable is properly connected to the TV.
      The diagram below is an example image of connections for satellite.
      For details or any other information on antenna connection, refer to the manual supplied with your TV.

      * For SUB jack, connect only when you are using twin tuner mode.

    2. Switch on the TV.
    3. Proceed with pressing MENU or HOME, depending on the layout of your remote control.
    4. Select Settings.
    5. Select Digital Set-up.


    6. Select Satellite Auto Tuning or Auto Tuning.
      Then confirm with Image button.

    7. When asked "Do you want to start Auto Tuning?", select Yes and confirm with Image button.


    8. Select Next and confirm with Image button.
    9. In this step you will be asked to choose between two satellite programme lists. "Preferred Satellite" contains the programme list of the satellite operator selected by yourself, whilst "General Satellite" will show the programme list of all satellites.
      Choose Preferred Satellite and confirm with Image button.

      NOTE: Preferred Satellite will show a list of available providers linked to country and language settings.

       Image    Image

    10. In the next step you will see a list of operators. Select your preferred operator.
      NOTE: If you cannot find your preferred operator in the list, go back to the previous page and select General Satellite as mentioned in Step 9.
    11. Select Next and confirm with Image button.
    12. You will now be able to set the network parameters. For a basic setup keep the default settings.

      Scan Type: Full, Network or Manual Scan
      Service Type: All services (free and scrambled)
      Channel Type: All services (TV and / or Radio)


      If you have received specific network parameters from your operator, you may manually amend the settings for Scan Type, Service Type and Channel Type.
    13. Select Next and confirm with Image button.
    14. Auto tuning will start. This process may take some time to complete.

    NOTE: You can find information on troubleshooting if channels are still missing or disturbed after performing an Auto Tuning. Please refer to :  Disturbed or missing TV channels and services? Discover how to troubleshoot