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How to tune TV channels in the Glenten network (Denmark)

    Please follow the procedure below to tune Digital channels to your Sony TV in the Glenten Cable TV network in Denmark.

    The below procedure applies to all Sony TVs with digital cable tuners, however, slight differences exist in the menu structure of particular models.
    In case of problems, please refer to the Instruction Manual on the Sony Support site or the I-Manual of the TV itself.

    1. On the remote commander, press Home or Menu.
    2. Using the remote commander, select Settings and/or Setup by arrow buttons.
    3. Use to select Digital setup. Confirm by pressing the  (Plus) button in the centre of the arrow buttons. (Later, OK refers to this + Plus button).
    4. Use to select Digital Tuning. Confirm by pressing OK.
      Note: On some models, it may be necessary to highlight first, or this step is not shown.
    5. Use to select Digital Auto Tuning. Confirm by pressing OK.
    6. When asked, "Do you want to start Auto Tuning?", confirm by pressing OK.
      Note:  On some models, before pressing OK, it may be necessary to select YES or OK.
    7. Use to select Cable.
    8. Select Others if the operator is asked.
    9. Select as follows:
      • Select Quick Scan for Scan type.
      • Select Frequency Setting. Confirm by pressing OK, then set it to Manual. Confirm by pressing OK.
      • Select Frequency. Confirm by pressing OK and Input frequency 434,000 MHz. Confirm by pressing OK.
      • Select Network ID Setting. Confirm by pressing OK and setting it to Manual. Confirm by pressing OK.
      • Select Network ID. Confirm by pressing OK and input value 00001 for network ID. Confirm by pressing OK.
      • If Symbol rate is asked, select Symbol rate. Confirm by pressing OK, then set it to Manual. Confirm by pressing OK and input value 6875. Confirm by pressing OK
      • If the Service type is asked, keep it as All Services. 
    10. Press Start
    11. The TV will start tuning. A confirmation message will appear when finished.

    More information can be found in the General tuning guide from Glenten.