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How do I tune or retune my Sony non-Android LCD TV (Cable/Terrestrial)?

    Before you start

    Digital tuning (non-Android LCD TV)

    1. Make sure the antenna cable is correctly connected to the TV.
      The diagram below is an example image of connections for cable/terrestrial. For details or any other information on antenna connection, refer to the manual supplied with your TV. Manuals are posted on the support website.
      Example illustration of connections for terrestrial/cable television.

    2. Switch on the TV.
    3. Press the MENU or HOME button on your remote controller.
      Two side-by-side illustrations. Left: location of the Menu button on the remote. Right: location of the HOME button on the remote.
    4. Choose one of the options below that best matches the menu structure found on your TV. Please note that the screenshots below may differ from what you see on your screen.
      • Option A: Use the arrow buttons on your remote and select SettingsDigital set-upDigital Auto Tuning or Auto Tuning, as shown in the screenshot below.
      • Option B: Use the arrow buttons of your remote to select SettingsSystem Settings or Set-upChannel set-upDigital set-upDigital Auto Tuning or Auto Tuning, as shown in the screenshot below.
    5. When asked Do you want to start Auto Tuning?, select Yes or OK, then confirm with the Image (Plus) button.
      TV screenshot: "Do you want to start Auto Tuning?" Yes/No
    6. Make your selection between Antenna or Cable.
    7. When selecting Antenna, the auto-tuning for the antenna starts at this point.
    8. If Cable was selected in the previous step, the menu for Cable tuning will now appear.
    9. You may choose to set Scan Type, Frequency or Network ID manually according to specific network parameters received from your broadcast provider.
    10. If you have not received anything, we recommend using the default settings:
      • Scan type = Quick scan
      • Frequency = Auto
      • Network ID = Auto
      • Operator: Select the name of your broadcast provider from the list
    11. If the scan does not find any or all channels, you may try to change the Scan Type setting to Full scan.
      • IMPORTANT: It may take an hour or longer when selecting Full scan to tune your TV. ​If you have problems with the Cable tuning procedure, please check with your provider as they may use different settings.
    12. Proceed by selecting Start.
    13. The TV will now start tuning. A confirmation message will appear once completed.

    Analogue tuning (non-Android LCD TV)

    How to perform analogue tuning