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My TV remote control is acting weirdly, does not seem to respond, or acts as if it was the remote of another of my devices.

    If your Bravia TV remote control does not seem to be responding, or is acting as if it was the remote control of another device in your system (a Blu-ray Disc player, Set-Top box, Media player, Amplifier etc.), it is likely to be related to the Bravia Sync feature.

    You can select the device that you want the TV remote to control at any time by pressing the SYNC MENU button on your TV remote. According to your TV model, area and other factors, the location of the button on the remote might differ. Below are examples of where it is likely to be on your remote.

     remote 1  remote 2  remote 3

    Pressing the SYNC MENU button will open a menu where you can change a variety of settings.

    • Entering [HDMI Device Selection] will let you select a Bravia Sync-compatible HDMI external device you wish the TV remote to control
    • [TV control with the TV remote]/[Device control by TV remote] will let you switch the device to be controlled by the TV’s remote, between the TV and the connected device

    By default, most external devices will have the HDMI Control setting set to ON. This setting allows the TV remote - through the use of Bravia Sync - to control the external device.

    IMPORTANT: If some devices in your system are not HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) compliant - typically older devices - you might experience compatibility problems where Bravia Sync is disabling the normal TV functionalities from the remote, but it cannot control the external, non-compliant device.

    If you are experiencing compatibility issues, or prefer not to use this feature and would rather use the original remote controls of your devices, you can:

    • turn OFF the HDMI Control on your external devices at any time. Please check the user manual of your device for instructions on how to do so


    • turn OFF the Bravia Sync feature on your TV at any time, by going to:
      [HOME] > [Settings] > [External Inputs] > [BRAVIA Sync Settings] and set [BRAVIA Sync Control] to Off