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Why is a TV channel missing and what can I do?

    It's a new day, and your favourite TV channel has gone missing. In this article, we'll discuss why TV channels can go "missing" and how to find them back!
    The reason might differ depending on your TV provider tools (Satellite, Cable, set-top box or CAM module). Let's dive right in. 

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    How channels go missing in bad weather (Satellite & Terrestrial)

    Your satellite dish regularly updates the TV channel list (usually at night). But did you know bad weather can affect what data it pulls in? 

    Under the wrong conditions, your satellite or terrestrial connection might not update all channels, causing some of them to go missing.

    What to do? 

    • Your satellite does this update regularly, so the missing channel(s) should restore automatically.
    • Alternatively, you can actively do a satellite tuning yourself:
    • You can check the Signal strength of the problematic channel by running a diagnostics test:
      • Press the Help button on your remote. Select Status & Diagnostic and press Signal info
        • DVB-T / DVB-C → Minimum values between 24 and 32dB
        • Satellite → Minimum values between 6dB-11dB
    • To avoid this automatic update, you can disable the [Auto service update]:
      • Access the TV settings → Channels & Inputs → Channels → Channel setup → Advanced settings → Auto service update → disable
      • Note that Satellite has two Auto Service Updates for preferred and general Satellite channels. 

    Missing channel due to a name change (But it's there) 

    Applies to Satellite, Cable, set-top box or CAM module

    Sometimes a missing channel isn't really gone, but the position in your channel list has changed. Usually, it will be way at the end of the list. 

    Generally, your TV kind of knows what channels are available, but it's not very flexible in interpreting changes.

    When a channel provider decides to alter even a part of its name (e.g. change the number 2 in written two), your TV can trip over this change. It will conclude it doesn't know this "new" channel and put it behind all other channels at the back of the list. 

    What to do?

    Country and regional operator limitations & new channel line-ups

    Applies to (Satellite, Cable, set-top box or CAM module)

    Some channels are only available in certain countries or regions. Also, cable and satellite TV providers occasionally update their channel line-ups, which can result in missing channels. 

    What to do?

    All channels are missing / black screen

    If no channels are present, there's likely something wrong with the connection between your TV provider device and the TV. 

    1. Check if you're on the correct input source. Press the input button on your remote to cycle between HDMI input ports. (For example, if your set-top box is connected to HDMI2, cycle to HDMI 2 with the input button.)
    2. Check if all cables (or the CAM module) are firmly connected. Unplug and plug them back in if necessary.
    3. Consult your TV provider for more information on technical issues.