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New backlit voice remote control (RMF-TX611E) for Sony 4K HD TVs

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    What’s special about the new backlit remote control?

    Sony’s backlit remote control, model RMF-TX611E, lets you operate your TV in complete darkness. The remote is motion-sensitive and its entire button surface lights up automatically when you pick up the remote.

    The remote can connect with your TV through Bluetooth and no longer relies on infrared signals. As a result, you don’t have to point it at your TV to change channels or adjust the volume.

    The cherry on the cake is the remote’s premium design, combining brushed aluminium with a hairline finish.

    What keys light up on the remote control?

    As shown in the image below, certain buttons on the backlit remote have illuminated labels (e.g. ‘HOME’) or icons (e.g. the Settings gear icon), whereas the other buttons only have illuminated outlines (e.g. ‘Mute’).

    Keep in mind that your remote control design and specifications can vary depending on your region, country or TV model.

    Comparison of the backlit remote's buttons in daylight and in darkness.

    How to disable the remote control’s backlight

    Follow the steps below to turn off the remote control’s backlight:

    1. Press and hold the VOL – (Volume minus) button and the HOME button on the remote control at the same time for 2 seconds.
    2. Release when the MIC (Microphone) LED on the remote control lights up twice.
    3. To enable the remote control’s backlight again, perform the procedure above (Step 1 and 2).