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How can I use my Sony TV without the remote control?

    All Sony TVs have a Power button allowing you to operate your TV, regardless of whether a remote control is available or not.

    Where is the Power button on my Sony TV?

    The location of the Power button depends on your TV model, country or region. Visit the following articles to find out the location of your TV’s Power button:

    Some functions, such as power ON / OFF, volume adjustment, or input selection, can be performed using the buttons directly on the TV. The HOME and arrow buttons are not on the TV body. The number of buttons on your TV may vary depending on the model.

    For model-specific information, refer to the manual of your TV. Manuals are posted on your model's support page.

    How to operate a Sony TV with three buttons

    Most Sony TVs have three buttons on them: (Power button) / [+] (Plus button) / [] (Minus button).

    Example model: KDL-50WG663.

    1. When the TV is OFF, single press the Power button  to power ON.
    2. When the TV is ON, long press the Power button to power OFF.
    3. Press the Power button repeatedly to change the function, then press [+] (Plus button) or [] (Minus button) to:
    • Adjust the volume.
    • Select the channel.
    • Select the input source of TV. 

    How to operate a Sony TV with only one button

    Some Sony TVs, (e.g. XH95, XH90 and XH80 models), have only one button on the TV. Here’s how to use one button to operate such TVs:

    1. When the TV is OFF, single press the Power button to power ON.
    2. To show the operation User Interface (UI) when the TV is ON, single press the Power button.
    3. To move to the next item (toggle) when the UI is displayed, single press the Power button.
    4. To select a highlighted item when the UI is displayed, long press the Power button.
    5. To turn the TV OFF, long press the power button until the TV turns OFF.

    NOTE: Keep in mind that your TV’s power button has limited functionality. Certain settings can only be accessed by using a remote control. When the battery level of the remote control is low, you will see a notification on the HOME menu, which gives you time to replace the batteries.