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I cannot use my Youtube account on my television or Blu-ray player

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I cannot use my Youtube account on my television or Blu-ray player 

Your account is probably an old account and requires changes that are not supported by the television.
Please connect to YouTube with a PC and proceed as follows:
  1. Visit the YouTube website, e.g. www.
  2. Click Sign-in in the top right corner
  3. Enter your Email-address or YouTube user name as well as your password
  4. Click on your account name on the top right
  5. Click on Youtube settings
  6. Click on Profile Setup
  7. Follow the Username and channel setup and click next
  8. Choose your privacy and sharing options as desired and click Finished.
Once the above is done your account is up to date and you can use it on your television or Blu-ray player.


  • If there is a service type that is not found in the signal during auto scan, the service type is skipped in toggle operation of TV/Radio button.
  • If the issue persists even after trying the above, the problem may be coming from Youtube directly.
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Applicable models
KDL-22EX550    KDL-40HX855
KDL-22EX553    KDL-46EX650
KDL-22EX555    KDL-46EX653
KDL-26EX550    KDL-46EX655
KDL-26EX553    KDL-46HX750
KDL-26EX555    KDL-46HX751
KDL-32EX650    KDL-46HX753
KDL-32EX653    KDL-46HX755
KDL-32EX655    KDL-46HX756
KDL-32HX750    KDL-46HX757
KDL-32HX751    KDL-46HX758
KDL-32HX753    KDL-46HX759
KDL-32HX755    KDL-46HX75G
KDL-32HX757    KDL-46HX850
KDL-32HX758    KDL-46HX853
KDL-32HX759    KDL-46HX855
KDL-40EX650    KDL-55HX750
KDL-40EX653    KDL-55HX751
KDL-40EX655    KDL-55HX753
KDL-40HX750    KDL-55HX755
KDL-40HX751    KDL-55HX75G
KDL-40HX753    KDL-55HX850
KDL-40HX755    KDL-55HX853
KDL-40HX756    KDL-55HX855
KDL-40HX757    KDL-55HX950
KDL-40HX758    KDL-55HX953
KDL-40HX759    KDL-55HX955
KDL-40HX75G    KDL-65HX950
KDL-40HX850    KDL-65HX953
KDL-40HX853    KDL-65HX955

KDL-22EX320 KDL-40HX723
KDL-22EX325 KDL-40HX725
KDL-24EX320 KDL-40NX720
KDL-24EX325 KDL-40NX723
KDL-26EX320 KDL-40NX725
KDL-26EX321 KDL-46CX520
KDL-26EX325 KDL-46CX525
KDL-32CX520 KDL-46EX520
KDL-32CX521 KDL-46EX521
KDL-32CX523 KDL-46EX524
KDL-32CX525 KDL-46EX525
KDL-32EX421 KDL-46EX720
KDL-32EX424 KDL-46EX721
KDL-32EX425 KDL-46EX723
KDL-32EX520 KDL-46EX724
KDL-32EX521 KDL-46EX725
KDL-32EX523 KDL-46EX726
KDL-32EX524 KDL-46EX727
KDL-32EX525 KDL-46EX728
KDL-32EX720 KDL-46EX729
KDL-32EX721 KDL-46HX720
KDL-32EX723 KDL-46HX723
KDL-32EX724 KDL-46HX725
KDL-32EX725 KDL-46HX820
KDL-32EX726 KDL-46HX823
KDL-32EX727 KDL-46HX825
KDL-32EX728 KDL-46HX920
KDL-32EX729 KDL-46HX923
KDL-37EX521 KDL-46HX925
KDL-37EX524 KDL-46NX720
KDL-37EX525 KDL-46NX723
KDL-37EX720 KDL-46NX725
KDL-37EX725 KDL-55EX720
KDL-40CX520 KDL-55EX721
KDL-40CX521 KDL-55EX723
KDL-40CX523 KDL-55EX725
KDL-40CX525 KDL-55HX820
KDL-40EX520 KDL-55HX823
KDL-40EX521 KDL-55HX825
KDL-40EX523 KDL-55HX920
KDL-40EX524 KDL-55HX923
KDL-40EX525 KDL-55HX925
KDL-40EX720 KDL-55NX720
KDL-40EX721 KDL-55NX723
KDL-40EX723 KDL-55NX725
KDL-40EX724 KDL-60NX720
KDL-40EX725 KDL-60NX723
KDL-40EX726 KDL-60NX725
KDL-40EX727 KDL-65HX920
KDL-40EX728 KDL-65HX923
KDL-40EX729 KDL-65HX925

BDP-S185 BDP-S186

BDP-S370 BDP-S373
BDP-S470 BDP-S570

BDP-S280 BDP-S380
BDP-S383 BDP-S480
BDP-S483 BDP-S484
BDP-S485 BDP-S580

BDP-S390 BDP-S490
BDP-S495 BDP-S590