Article ID : 00152532 / Last Modified : 24/01/2018

Performing a (soft) reset: A simple way to solve most issues

    In most cases, a soft reset may be the only thing you need to do to make your TV function as intended. If you're experiencing issues with Sony's Android TV, we suggest performing a reset by using the following procedure:

    • Press and hold the Power button on the remote until the "Power off" message appears/ is displayed (approx. 5 seconds)
    • Release the Power button when "Power off" message appears on-screen
    • The TV will begin a reboot sequence and will restart automatically

    NOTE: Performing a reset does not erase your settings or downloaded apps; it just resets the TV's software.

    If your issue has not been resolved after performing a (soft) reset, you could try initiating a  factory reset.

    IMPORTANT: Please be aware that performing a factory reset will wipe all of your data and settings on your TV.