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How to update the software of your TV directly via the Internet?


    • Software updates are available on certain TV models only.
    • During a software update the orange (or white) LED on the front of the TV will flash and the TV will not respond to the remote or to the buttons on control panel until the update is completed. Please do not touch either the remote or TV until the update is finished.


    Confirm network status


    Before updating, please confirm that your TV is properly connected to the Internet by watching Internet content or selecting Home from the remote control and selecting Settings > Network > Network Set-Up > View Network Settings and Status > Check Connections > Yes. You should get "OK" or "Found" to the 3 items displayed. Otherwise, please do a network set-up to connect your TV to the Internet or start Internet connection troubleshooting.



    Update procedure



    Please follow the procedure below in order to update the software immediately from the Internet. Settings path or namings may be slightly different for your TV, as this is a generic article.


    1. Using the supplied remote, press the HOME button.
    2. Select Settings or Help.
    3. Select Product Support or Customer Support.
    4. Select Software Update.
    5. Select Yes when asked "Do you want to start software download".

    TV will then start the software download process if newer software is available. If not, the TV will inform that your software is up to date. The software download time can be over 30 minutes depending on your network speed and the file size of the software.


    After the update



    After the software has been updated, please refresh the Internet content in order to receive the BRAVIA Internet Video services, by pressing the HOME button from the remote control and selecting Settings > Network > Refresh Internet Content.


    You can check the current software version on your TV by pressing the Options button from the remote control and selecting System Information and pressing the + (Enter) button on the remote. This version should be the same or higher as the one mentioned on the Sony web support pages ("Software and Downloads" section).

    We recommend to set the automatic software update feature to ON in order to keep TV software automatically updated.