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What are the button functions of my Sony TV remote control?

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    Note: The included remote control, as well as the arrangement of the buttons and the button names, vary depending on your model, country or region.

    • There are four generations of TV remote controls displayed here (the upper part of the remote). 
    • Click or tap on your remote control image to visit the remote explanatory guide. Each guide explains all the upper, middle and lower buttons. 
    • You can also find a complete example underneath the selector in this article.  


    Remote control example 

    Upper buttons on the remote control

    • INPUT: Display and select the input source.
    • (The Google Assistant)/(Microphone): Use the Google Assistant (only on limited region/country/language/TV model) or voice search. (e.g., Search various content by voice.) For details, refer to Searching by voice.
    • (TV standby): Turn on or turn off the TV (standby mode).
    • SYNC MENU: Display the BRAVIA Sync Menu. For details, refer to the BRAVIA Sync overview.
    • DIGITAL/ANALOG, ANT: Switch between Cable and Antenna mode or digital and analogue mode.
    • STB MENU: Display the connected set-top box (cable/satellite box) menu after connecting and setting up the IR Blaster.
    • Number Button/・(Dot): Use with the 0-9 buttons to select digital channels.
    • DISPLAY: Display information about the channel/program/input you are viewing.
    • EXIT, SAIR SALIR: Return to the previous screen or exit from the menu. When an Interactive Application service is available, press to exit from the service.
    • Google Play: Access the “Google Play” online service. For details, refer to Installing apps from the Google Play Store.
    • NETFLIX (Only on limited region/country/TV models): Access the “Netflix” online service.

    Middle buttons on the remote control

    • Colour buttons: Execute the corresponding function at that time.
    • ACTION MENU: Display a list of contextual functions. For details, refer to Using the Action Menu.
    • GUIDE: Display the digital program guide. For details, refer to Using the program guide.
    • APPS: Access various services and applications.
    • BACK: Return to the previous screen.
    • HOME: Display the TV Home Menu. For details, refer to the Home menu page.
    • TV: Switch to a TV channel or input and display the TV Menu Bar. For details, refer to Using the TV Menu Bar.
    • DISCOVER: Bring up the Content Bar to search for content.
    •  (Up) /  (Down) /  (Left) /  (Right) /  (Enter) (Navigation D-Pad): On-screen menu navigation and selection.

    Lower buttons on the remote control

    • VOL +/- (Volume): Adjust the volume.
    • JUMP: Jump back and forth between two channels or inputs. The TV alternates between the current channel or input and the last channel or input that was selected.
    • MUTE: Mute the sound. Press again to restore the sound.
    • CH +/- (Channel): Select the channel.
    • AUDIO: Change the language for the program currently being viewed.
    •  (Fast rewind) /  (Play) /  (Fast forward) /  (Previous search) /  (Pause)/  (Next search) /  (Stop): Operate media contents on the TV and connected BRAVIA Sync-compatible device.
    • SUBTITLE/CC: Turn subtitles on or off (when the feature is available).
    • HELP: Display the Help menu. You can access the Help Guide from here.
    • WIDE: Change the screen format.
    • PIC OFF: Turn the picture off while the sound remains on.
    • DISPLAY: Display information about the channel/program/input you are viewing.

    Additional information

    • Depending on the remote model, remote control buttons can have the same function but look completely different. For example, the Subtitle/CC button can have "CC"  or a round shape containing four horizontal dots  printed on it.  
    • Sometimes it might seem that a button isn't working when this isn't the case. For instance, the Subtitle/CC button will only enable subtitles if they're available for the programme you're watching or the app you're using.  
    • In some apps, such as Netflix, you enable subtitles by using the app's settings menu instead of pressing the SUBTITLE (CC) button on the TV remote control. Learn how to turn Closed Captioning (CC) or Subtitles on or off when viewing Netflix content.