Article ID : 00165741 / Last Modified : 03/02/2022

Answer to questions regarding the Netflix app on my Internet video device

    The Netflix app that is available on certain Internet video devices, gives Internet-connected devices access to Netflix's online content library.
    The following is a list of Sony Internet video devices and links for information on the latest models:

    • TVs
    • Blu-ray Disc players
    • Media players
    • Home theater systems

    This article is designed to help direct you to answers regarding how to set up and access Netflix, how to use the features on the Netflix app and how to resolve some issues that may occur when trying to watch Netflix movies or videos.

    NOTE: In order to ensure that the Netflix capable device is up-to-date and ready to use Netflix, make sure that the latest software update has been installed. Updates are available from the device menu, or from this site using a computer.

    • Netflix access - service access, connection, setup and login
    • Netflix features - Using 3D, 4K, HD, Netflix subtitles, Netflix button, Netflix profiles, and setting parental controls.
    • Netflix not working - Unable to connect to Netflix or the Netflix app is not working properly.
    • Netflix account assistance - How to create a Netflix account and how to add and remove devices.
    • Service availability - Netflix icon missing, service not available
    • Errors - Error messages or error codes are appearing when trying to use Netflix.
    • Sound - Unable to hear sound or the sound quality is poor when watching Netflix.
    • Image - There is no picture or the image quality is bad when watching Netflix.
    • Promotion - Netflix related current and past promotions