Article ID : 00112910 / Last Modified : 05/06/2018

Why does the Android Lollipop OS on my TV look and behave differently, compared to the one on my mobile device?

    Although your TV has some similarities to other devices that run the same operating system (OS) - Android 5.0 Lollipop - it does not share the same functionality or behave in the same way as the operating system found on your PC, tablet or smartphone. The OS and apps found on your Sony's Android TV have been optimised to offer the best user experience for your device.

    NOTE: Recommended apps by Sony will be displayed in Sony Select on the Home menu screen, and other apps can be downloaded from the Google Play store. However, you might not find the app you're looking for on your TV or in the Google Play store. As the store is constantly being updated with new apps, we recommend regularly checking the store to see when the app you desire is available.