Article ID : 00206353 / Last Modified : 29/06/2020

"Unable to access Internet Check your network connection" message appears in the Home menu

    The message is displayed in the Home menu when the TV is not connected to the Internet or while using Picture-in-picture.

    Depending on the Internet connection status, the details of the message changes as follows:

    • Never been connected to the Internet: Unable to access Internet
    • Cannot be connected to Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is not connected
    • Cannot be connected to a network via LAN cable: Ethernet is not connected
    • While using Picture-in-picture: The program name is displayed when the TV is in Picture-in-picture, or the input name (and device information, if any) is displayed when an external input is in Picture-in-picture.


    NOTE: The message indicating that the TV is not connected to the Internet can be hidden temporarily by selecting DISMISS. The message will be displayed until the TV is connected to the Internet.