Welcome! Let's set up your new Sony BRAVIA TV!

    Thank you for trusting our brand and choosing a Sony TV!
    We know that setting up a TV is much more than unboxing it. There are new things you might want to learn to make the most of your product and start using it as soon as possible. Below, we’ve gathered all the tips and tricks you need to set up your TV at ease.

    Let’s set up your TV in your room!

    You can either wall mount your TV or place it on a stand.

    Have you ever wondered what the recommended viewing distance of your TV is?

    What is Google TV™ and how to set it up?

    Let’s learn about Google TV features, such as timers or Hands-free voice control!

    Basic input settings and
    remote control features

    Want to know about the inputs and ports on your TV?

    Do you know what the ports on your TV are for and how to switch between inputs using your remote control?

    New remote control buttons and available features

    Does your new remote control have buttons that you haven’t seen before? No worries! Check out our Help Guide to discover all the available features.

    Let’s set up and sort your TV channels

    Try our TV Channel Editor for BRAVIA mobile app to edit and sort your TV channel lists according to your preference using your smartphone.

    Any devices you want to connect to your TV?

    Visit our BRAVIA Connectivity Guide for information on how to connect your TV to the Internet and external devices.