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How to perform a power reset on a Sony non-Android TV

    IMPORTANT: If you have an Android TV model, use the How do I power reset my Android TV article instead. This article only applies to Sony's non-Android TVs.

    TIP: How to tell the difference between an Android and non-Android TV

    Follow the steps below to perform a power reset on a Sony non-Android TV:

    1. Turn the TV off.
      • IMPORTANT: If you have a TV with an internal lamp, wait 5 minutes after switching off the lamp to allow the lamp to cool before proceeding with the next steps. 
    2. Unplug the TV from the wall outlet.
    3. Leave the TV for 60 seconds without power supply.
    4. Reconnect the power cord to the wall outlet.
      • NOTE: If your TV was previously plugged into a power strip or surge protector, plug it directly into the wall outlet instead, in case the power strip or surge protector was causing a problem.
    5. Turn the TV on.

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