Article ID : 00076333 / Last Modified : 25/05/2021

How to receive an automatic software update for your TV?

    The majority of the automatic software updates are provided from Sony through an active high-speed Internet connection. However, occasionally Sony offers an update through the antenna, or a digital cable signal.

    The benefits of these updates are to keep the TV up-to-date with the latest content, provide programming changes and to enhance the overall viewing experience.

    The Automatic Software Update option in the TV menu should be set to On to keep the software updated to the most current version.

    For Android TV models:

    1. Using the supplied remote, press the HOME button.
    2. Select Help.
    3. Select System software update.
    4. Select Automatic software download.
    5. Select On.

    For other models:

    1. Using the supplied remote, press the HOME button.
    2. Select Settings.
    3. Select Product Support or Customer supports.
    4. Select Automatic Software Update or Automatic Software Download.
    5. Select On.
    6. Press the Enter button.

    Follow the steps below to verify the latest system software is installed:

    1. From the Settings menu or the Help menu of the TV, check the current software version on your TV.
    2. Compare the latest software available with the one on your TV, and if the available software is newer, download and install the update.


    • Automatic software updates are available on certain TV models only.
    • The clock needs to be set. The TV clock may be lost when the software is updated. Reset the clock if needed.
    • The software updates when the TV is in standby mode. The software update will usually complete in next 24 to 36 hours.
    • The  orange (or white) LED on the front of the TV will flash  and the TV will not respond to the remote or to the buttons on control panel until the update is completed.
    • Perform a Refresh Internet Content after the TV has been updated to the latest software in order to receive the latest Internet video apps.
    • You first MUST confirm the TV has the latest software version. Otherwise the Refresh Internet Content will delay the Automatic Software Update by another 24 hours.