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Voice Hints – How to control my TV with voice commands

    Android TV™ models support some convenient voice commands to control TV, such as “Volume to 20”.

    By saying “Voice Hints”, you can see the command list.
       Voice Hints

    Image for saying "Voice hints" to the TV

    Steps to see the command list

    1. Press the  (Microphone) button on the remote control or face the TV and say “Ok Google”.

    2. Say “Voice Hints”.


    • “OK Google” detection is enabled only in models with a built-in MIC.
      Refer to the manual supplied with your TV for the availability of the built-in MIC.
    • The availability of displaying the command list through “Voice Hints” depends on the language set for the TV.
      For details about languages that support “Voice Hints”, refer to the following article.
      Supported languages for the command list with “Voice Hints”
    • To use other basic voice commands, refer to this article.
    • We cannot guarantee voice command support for all apps on your TV.