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How much power does my TV consume? What is its official energy rating?

    The power consumption of TVs varies according to the model, screen size, etc.

    To consult the official energy label and product fiche of your specific model, follow this procedure:

    1. Go to the Televisions section of the Sony website
    2. Select your model series

      If you do not know what your model number or model series number is, please check the sticker at the lower left corner of your TV's back panel.

      Where to find my model number

      Your model series number is composed of the 6 last characters from your model number.
      For example, if your model is KD-43X8305C, your model series number is X8305C.
    3. Click on the "Energy label & Product fiche" drop-down element

      Energy label & Product fiche button
    4. Use the arrow button to select your TV model (indicated at the top of the window, below the screen size)

      Energy drop down element