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Frequently Asked Questions on Sony's Android TV's Voice Search function

    Sony's Android-based 2015 TV line up supports voice recognition functionality. This feature, called "Voice Search", allows users to input commands into their TV by using their voice.

    With the intent of improving the accuracy of the pattern recognition software and overall quality of service, Google stores the user's audio data on their servers. Utterances such as queries and commands will only be sent to Google if the user has indicated that they would like to use the Voice Search function.

    Personal information stored on Google's servers will not be shared with 3rd parties without the explicit consent from the user. You can find out more on Google's Privacy Policy page.

    Key points at a glance for Voice Search

    Q: What is Voice Search?
    A: The Voice Search function allows users to input queries or commands to their TV by using their own voice.

    Q: How does Voice Search work?
    A: Google's pattern recognition software translates the user's spoken utterances/speech into a format that the system can understand.

    Q: What hardware supports Voice Search?
    A: All of Sony's Android-based 2015 TVs have Voice Search pre-installed.

    Q: Why should I use Voice Search?
    A: Voice Search enables users to search or input commands into the TV without the use of a remote control, offering a quicker, more seamless user experience.

    Q: Do I have to use Voice Search?
    A: No, the decision to use the feature or not is entirely up to you.

    Q: How do I know when I'm using Voice Search?
    By selecting the microphone icon in the quick search bar or in the virtual keyboard. The microphone icon will change from blue to red and the LED on your Touchpad remote will be switched on, indicating Voice Search is ready to receive your query or command.

    Q: Why is it necessary for Google to store my audio data?
    A: To improve the accuracy of the pattern recognition software and overall quality of service.

    Q: Will it store information like my Google Account ID?
    No, stored audio data does not contain your Google Account ID unless you choose to include it.

    Q: Will my information be passed on to 3rd parties?
    A: No, sensitive and personal information is stored on Google's servers, and will not be passed on to 3rd parties without the user's consent.

    Q: Where can I find out more on Google's privacy policy?
    A: You can find out more on Google's Privacy Policy page.

    The following articles will help you initialise, sync and guide you on how to use your Touchpad remote with Voice Search on your Sony's Android TV:

    NOTE: To use Voice Search, you will need a Touchpad remote. Certain Sony's Android TVs will not have the Touchpad remote included in the TV's original packaging.