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The Remote Control does not respond to voice commands

    Prior to performing further troubleshooting steps, confirm whether the remote control has a microphone mark on the upper hand corner. Remote controls that support voice recognition will have this mark shown below.


    • [A] 2015 Android TVs: Type A (Touchpad Remote Control that supports voice recognition)
    • [B] 2016 Android TVs or later: Type B (Remote control that supports voice recognition)


    If voice recognition does not work, even when you use a remote control that supports the voice recognition function, check the following items.

    1. An Internet connection is necessary to use voice recognition.

      Follow the steps below to make sure that your TV can connect to the Internet.

      1. Using the supplied remote, press the HOME button.
      2. Select Settings.
      3. Under the NETWORK & ACCESSORIES category, select Network.
      4. Under Network, select Advanced settings.
      5. Select Network status.
      6. Select Check Connection.
    2. You need to pair your remote control to your Android TV before it will work.

      The pairing method differs depending on the type of remote control. See the images above to check whether the remote control that you use is Type A or B.
    3. Speak directly into the microphone built into the top portion of the remote control. Position the microphone closer to your mouth, or speak in a loud and clear voice.


      [C] MIC position (This image is for Type A Touchpad Remote Control.)

    4. Voice recognition cannot be used in all circumstances.

      • Additional information about the different circumstances when the search box does not appear, even after pressing the Microphone button on the  Touchpad Remote Control is available.

    NOTE: For TVs that do not come with a remote control, as shown above, you can use one of these two alternatives to the voice recognition function of the TV.

    1. Use a software keyboard.
    2. Use the following applications on your mobile device or tablet.

      NOTE: In this case, it is necessary to connect your smartphone or tablet to the same network as the TV.