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The Micro Vault storage device is not recognized by the computer

    Check the function status of the MicroVault™ storage device after completing each step.

    These steps apply to computers using the Microsoft® Windows® operating system.
    For other operating systems, contact your computer manufacturer for further information. 

    1. Try a different USB port.
      • Make sure there are no other USB devices connected to the computer.
      • Connect the storage device directly to the computer's USB port and not through a USB hub.
    2. Restart your computer.
      • Make sure to connect the storage device immediately after your computer launches.
    3. Reinstall the storage device driver software.
      • Your computer may not recognize the storage device if the driver software isn't installed properly. Follow these steps to check the storage device status:
        1. On your computer, click Start.
        2. Click Control Panel.
          • Depending on the operating system of the computer, the steps on accessing the Control Panel may vary.
        3. Under Control Panel, click Device Manager.
        4. Under Universal Serial Bus controllers, check if it displays the storage device.
          • If it has the icon ! or × next to the storage device, then it's not installed properly.
    4. Disable any resident software (such as antivirus software, etc.) installed on your computer.
    5. Change the drive letter assignment.
      • If the icon for a removable disk doesn't show in My Computer, it may be due to it's not assigned to the correct drive letter.
        • Contact your computer manufacturer for information on how to change it.
    6. Reformat the storage device.