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How to export pictures and video using the PlayMemories Home software

    Follow the steps below to export media files to the camera using the PlayMemories Home software:

    1. Open the PlayMemories Home Software.
    2. Connect the camera or media device to the computer.
    3. In the PMH window, click Export.

      Click export

    4. Select the destination.

      Select destination

    5. Drag and drop the selected picture to the right.

      Drag and drop

    6. Click Next after dragging the selected picture.

      Click Next


      • You can add more pictures by dragging them to the right.
      • You can change the size of the photos being exported by clicking Settings, putting a check in the box next to Change image size of photos and then clicking OK.

    7. Click the Export button.

      Export button



      • Do not disconnect the camera or remove the memory card during the export process.
      • The name of exported files will be changed to be compatible with the recording system of the connected camera or memory card.

    8. At the Exporting completed dialog box, click the OK button.

      Export complete