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I can’t find Windows or Mac drivers for my Sony Bluetooth headphones / speakers

    What are drivers?

    A device driver is a piece of software that allows the operating system of your computer to interact with a hardware device such as a monitor, printer or, in our case, headphones. The drivers act as a bridge between the operating system and the hardware device, making sure that both devices understand each other. 

    Where can I find drivers?

    Most drivers come preinstalled on your operating system or are delivered together with the hardware device (e.g. printer, video cards). 
    It can be confusing as to where to search for them because not all drivers have to be written and provided by the company that designs the hardware device. 

    The Bluetooth driver of your computer might need to be installed or updated – and not the headphones or speaker. The Bluetooth driver is independent of the headphones, as the computer can connect with all kinds of Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones, mouse, keyboard, wireless speakers, etc. 

    That is why Sony does not have any Headphones or Wireless speaker Bluetooth drivers available on the Sony support website. These should be provided by your computer’s manufacturer or the provider of your Operating System. 

    Where should I check for Bluetooth drivers?

    We strongly recommend checking the support website of your computer manufacturer for the most recently updated Bluetooth drivers. Manufacturers can update drivers because they developed performance improvements or want to introduce new features. Using old drivers might negatively impact the connection with new hardware products.

    Windows 10 
    Microsoft has published several recommendations for Bluetooth connection troubleshooting on their website, regarding the Windows 10 Operating System – we strongly recommend trying these steps if you are experiencing Bluetooth difficulties while using Windows 10:

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