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Can I connect my regular Sony Bluetooth headphones to my PS5?

    About Bluetooth Audio and gaming 

    First things first: pairing your Bluetooth headphones with the PS5 won’t be possible. You won’t be able to find or connect them. But why is that?

    Well, the reason the PS5 doesn’t support Bluetooth Audio connections is because of possible latency performance and bandwidth. Bluetooth is a wonderful technology with an ever-increasing potential, but it currently comes with important limitations when gaming. 

    As your wireless controller connects through Bluetooth to the PS5, it already takes up Bluetooth bandwidth, and adding wireless audio might lead to minute audio delays, impacting your gaming experience. The same applies to Bluetooth speakers. That’s why gaming headsets such as the Sony INZONE models use a USB dongle (or are wired). You can read all about the technical details in this interesting WhatHifi article.

    What are my alternatives?

    1. Use the PULSE 3D Wireless PlayStation Headset.
    2. Use the INZONE gaming headset.
    3. Connect your Sony headphones to the 3.5 mm audio jack of the DualSense Wireless controller via an audio cable (if applicable to your headphones model). 
    4. Use a Bluetooth adapter.

    Using Bluetooth adapters 

    If you’re still keen on using your Bluetooth headphones, it’s possible to get a third-party Bluetooth adapter. These adapters plug into the PS5, allowing you to connect regular Bluetooth headphones. However, Sony doesn’t guarantee compatibility or performance.