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There's no sound coming from the soundbar subwoofer

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    This article will guide you through the steps to take when your subwoofer is not producing any bass
    (If no sound is output from the Surround Speaker for HT-RT5, check the following steps that are the same as for the subwoofer.)

    Does a subwoofer play music or sound? 

    No, a subwoofer is designed to support the audio you hear with low bass frequencies. That means it doesn't actually output any sound but generates the bass. If you put your hand on the subwoofer and feel the music or sound vibrating, it's working as expected. 

    If you're unsure, play some bass-heavy music or watch content with a lot of sound effects (e.g. movie explosions).  

    What to do when your subwoofer is not generating any bass?

    Let's try and figure out the problem. Follow these steps to try and fix the issue: 

    1. Check that the subwoofer is turned ON. If it's ON, you should spot a LED indicator that's lit up or flashing.
    2. Press the + (subwoofer volume) button or BASS button on the remote control to turn up the subwoofer volume. 
    3. Check the status of the Subwoofer LED light:
      1. It's red: the connection (link) between the soundbar and the subwoofer may not be complete. Set the link settings again.
        • You can find the link settings by searching the index by LINK, Secure Link, or Connect the Subwoofer Manually, etc. For details, refer to the Operating Instructions.
      2. Slow flashes in green or orange and lights up in red: your subwoofer is too far away from the main soundbar,  or an object is blocking it. 
        • Move the subwoofer closer to the main unit. Make sure there are no obstacles, such as furniture, walls, or metal objects, directly between the soundbar and the subwoofer.
    4. Disconnect the subwoofer's AC power cord (mains lead) and reconnect it after one minute. After turning on the subwoofer, set the link settings between the soundbar and the subwoofer again. (For how to set the link, refer to the Operating Instructions.)
    5. If the issue is still not resolved, reset the soundbar. After the reset, perform the Easy setup process and set the link settings between the soundbar and the subwoofer again.

    If these steps did not solve your issue, your subwoofer might be faulty, and a repair or replacement is needed.