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Internet streaming videos stop, pause, buffer, or the picture and sound quality is poor

    To enjoy watching Internet streaming videos, a network with a fast and stable line speed is necessary. In general, speeds that resemble the following are necessary:

    Use the "Speed Test Tool" to check the line speed of the network you use: How to test the speed of your Internet connection.

    If the speed is slow:
    Here are some examples of how to raise and stabilize your network’s line speed. (The speed cannot exceed the limits of your ISP contract or the capabilities of your router.)

    NOTE: Some ISPs apply a bandwidth or data cap to their plans, which limits data transfer and may lead to a display of a black screen when using the Netflix service. The Netflix service should still play on a lower speed albeit with poor image quality unless there are other devices connected to the same network at the same time.

    • Make sure the Sony product streaming the video has the latest system software (firmware) installed.
      Installing updated firmware (if available) may improve the stability of the Internet connection.
      For TV, refer to: How do I perform a software update for my TV?
    • If there are multiple devices connected to the network, try using only one at a time.
      Other computers or devices on the same network can impact the connection speed and streaming video quality. This is most likely to happen when someone else on your network is downloading files, playing online video games, or watching streaming videos online from another device. Try stopping the use of other devices before viewing.
    • NOTES:

      • If you are using an unsecured wireless network, you may be unknowingly sharing your connection with other people in your area, increasing the demand on your network bandwidth. Using a secure network is recommended.
      • If using a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service to send and receive phone calls, the Internet connection may drop when someone in the home is using the phone.
    • If you are using a wireless network, consider the usage environment and setup.
      1. Performing a power reset of the router
        Performing a power reset of the router also may help.
        1. Try unplugging the power cord of the router from the electrical outlet for 30 seconds.
        2. Plug the power cord back into the outlet and wait until the flashing lights indicate that the router has completely restarted.
      2. Confirming whether there is any improvement when the wireless LAN router is moved closer
        Any wireless product can experience slow connection speeds.
        It is normally due to the distance away from the router or other electronic devices in the home interfering with the wireless signal.
        1. Try moving the router access point closer to the Sony product that is streaming the video.
        2. If the router is close enough, using a wired Ethernet connection is suggested instead.
      3. Optimising the settings of your wireless LAN router
        1. When a nearby wireless network is using the same channel as you, interference may cause communications to destabilise. Try changing the settings on your router to a different channel number.
        2. Depending on your Wireless LAN specifications, the communication speeds, stability, transmission range, etc. will vary.
          If supported by your router, connect via [n].
          • [n]: Recommended by Sony. Supports HD image quality playback.
          • [g]: Not as fast as [n], but stable.
          • [b]: Not recommended for streaming videos.
        3. Additionally, some routers equally divide the data flow (bandwidth) between each device on the network.
          Other routers have Quality of Service (QoS) settings that can be adjusted to help manage data priorities within your network. You may need to check with the manufacturer of your router or your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to check for and adjust QoS settings.
    • In the network settings for your Sony product, try changing the Primary DNS settings.
      • Your ISP may be experiencing heavy Internet traffic. In this case, performance might be improved by manually changing the Primary DNS Server option to or in the Network Settings menu of the Sony product. If the slow performance persists, try accessing the content at a later time or call your ISP to further troubleshoot the problem.

    If there is still no improvement, the usage environment may be preventing a rise in speed. If the network service you are using allows you to change the image quality, view at a lower image quality/resolution.

    If the speed is acceptable:

    • Check whether or not your Sony product has the latest firmware.
      Make sure the Sony product streaming the video has the latest system software (firmware) installed. Installing updated firmware (if available) may improve the stability of the Internet connection.
    • Contact your network service provider.
      If only a particular network service cannot be easily viewed, there may be a problem with the server that is transmitting the videos. For information on maintenance and other difficulties that the network service may be experiencing, contact/check with the network service provider.