Applicable Model

This information is for the following models:

  • PMW-F55

Modifications from V6.02 of F55 :

Quick Menu has been added for easy changing and checking current status with quick response.
- When the recording format is set to XAVC 4K or XAVC QFHD and the system frequency is set to 50P/59.94P, the MPEG2 HD Proxy recording function is newly available.
- ITU-R BT.2020 color space in Custom mode (PMW-F55 only).
- Extended range of zebra pattern.
- Improved image quality when User Gamma is used.
- Response of the status screen has been improved.

Bug Fix : 

– When the remote controller was connected via the remote connector and Scene File was recalled from the controller, Gain setting was not applied. This has been fixed.
Note: Please store scene file in dB mode. If you store scene file in ISO mode, gain setting is not applied from the controller.
- In AXS and SxS simultaneous recording mode, sometimes SxS recording kept despite of AXS recording stopped when connection level is not stable between F55/F5 and R5. This has been fixed.

Please note the following :

1. iOS setting for Wi-Fi Remote :
While using Wi-Fi Remote by iOS devices and Safari, please turn off Private browse function.

Note: Please carefully examine the “Version Up Guide for PMW-F55 and F5” file.