Applicable Model

This information is for the following models:


Ziris Manage 7 talks directly to Sony hardware devices (Sony displays and hardware players) and software (Ziris View 7) and other key components, to give a real-time overview of the state of the network. Any issues, if they occur, generate alerts which can be escalated to email or SMS.

Through an easy-to-navigate tree-like interface, Ziris Manage 7 simplifies the process of monitoring large or small digital signage networks. With just a few clicks, users can “zoom in” on individual devices for a precise report of their status.

Users can also log playout events: essential for generating reports for digital advertising clients.


1.) Multi-language support (English/Japanese/French/Spanish)

2.) 64-bit Operating Systems support (Windows 7/Windows Server 2008)

3.) Central configuration of Ziris View players (remote license loading)

4.) Bravia B2B Integration