Applicable Model

This information is for the following models:

  • PXW-X180


The applicable system software versions are “Ver.2.00” or earlier.(PXW-X180/ PXW-X160)
The applicable Network Function software versions are “Ver.1.31” or earlier. (PXW-X180 only)
(Please visit the download page to check the system software version installed on your product.)
Note: Both of the System software update and the Network Function software update are necessary to PXW-X180.

1.) Auto ND filter (PXW-X180/ PXW-X160)
2.) High quality streaming using the Sony QoS technology with network client mode (PXW-X180 only)
3.) The following functions under the network connection with LAN cable (PXW-X180 only)
      – Uploading files
      – Using the Wi-Fi remote commander
      – Operating the Web menu
      – Remote operation of the camcorder using the “Content Browser Mobile” application
4.) The USB wireless LAN module “CBK-WA02” (PXW-X180 only) (It is necessary CBK-WA02 sold separately)
5.) Seamless playback of clips (PXW-X180/ PXW-X160)
6.) Rec review with the remote commander (PXW-X180/ PXW-X160)
7.) DVCAM (AVI) recording/playback (PXW-X180/ PXW-X160)
      Note: It may take a few seconds to complete writing to the media with DVCAM (AVI) format after stop recording. 
8.) Proxy recording with “1280 × 720: 6 Mbps (VBR)” (PXW-X180 only)
9.) Improvement of the stability of the operations under Genlock input. (PXW-X180/PXW-X160)
10.) Improvement of the stability of some other operations (PXW-X180/PXW-X160)