Applicable Model

This information is for the following models:

  • PMW-100

1.) Wireless Adapter
PMW-100 is compatible with the optional CBK-WA100 Wireless Adapter. Set ‘SDI Rec Control” of the VIDEO SET menu to ‘Parallel Rec’ to allow synchronized recording.
Note: The PMW-100 does not have a USB interface. However, the following basic proxy functions can be obtained by connecting the HD-SDI output to a CBK-WA100:
  •  XAVC Proxy Recording on a removable SD-HC card (32GB Max.) choice of 1, 3 or 9Mbps bit rate/quality. The proxy is created from the HD-SDI signal, the VITC time code can be used to generate the clip name. The HD-SDI output record trigger flag (available via menu) can provide a record command to the CBK-WA100.
  •  Proxy Streaming to an Android V4.1, 4.2 or 4.3 tablet or smartphone device where Content Browser Mobile (CBM) V1.0 has been installed from Google Play.
For more information about the CBK-WA100 Wireless Adapter, please refer to the CBK-WA100 product page.
2.) New recording format added to ’OTHERS’ menu
  •  UDF (MXF) HD420 35Mbps 1920×1080 (59.94i, 29.97P, 23.98P, 50i, 25P)

This software contains two BIN files. To identify which one to use, check the VERSION in the OTHERS MENU.
  •  If VERSION = Vx.xx, use PMW-100_x.xx_xxxx-SxS.f.bin
  •  If VERSION = Vx.xx_1, use PMW-100_1_x.xx_xxxx-SxS.f.bin 
If ‘Version Upgrade Error!!’ is displayed during the installation, it usually means a data communication error has occurred.
1.) Power OFF and ON once.
2.) The unit will initially appear to be unresponsive whilst the recovery process is running. Wait at least 2 minutes to allow the unit to recover.
3.) Follow the on-screen instructions.
If the unit does not recover after 2 minutes, restart the upgrade procedure as described in VerUpOM(E).pdf.