Applicable Model

This information is for the following models:

  • PMW-100

1.) i.LINK DVCAM Input

Stream signal recording via i.LINK DVCAM input is available.
2.) TLCS Operation
The range of selectable items has been expanded to improve TLCS operation. The default value of AGC Limit has changed from 12 to 9. The setting values of AGC Point have changed from E98, E95, E92 to E98, E95, E92, E77 and the default value has changed from E98 to E77. The A.SHT Point value cannot be larger than the AGC Point value. The default value has changed from E87 to E77.
3.) Selecting AUDIO IN Reference Input Level
The default value of Audio Input has changed from -40 dB to -60 dB
4.) Auto Focus
Auto focus performance is improved. Focus instability near the focal point and with a high-luminance background has been reduced.
5.) Auto Knee

Auto Knee performance is improved. Emphasis of white for an object with a high-luminance background has been reduced.
6.) ATW

ATW performance is improved. When ATW mode is set to Natural, automatic adjustment for wider brightness range when shooting outdoors is available.

This software contains two BIN files. To identify which one to use, check the VERSION in the OTHERS MENU.
  •  If VERSION = Vx.xx, use PMW-100_x.xx_xxxx-SxS.f.bin
  •  If VERSION = Vx.xx_1, use PMW-100_1_x.xx_xxxx-SxS.f.bin 
If ‘Version Upgrade Error!!’ is displayed during the installation, it usually means a data communication error has occurred.
1.) Power OFF and ON once.
2.) The unit will initially appear to be unresponsive whilst the recovery process is running. Wait at least 2 minutes to allow the unit to recover.
3.) Follow the on-screen instructions.
If the unit does not recover after 2 minutes, restart the upgrade procedure as described in VerUpOM(E).pdf.