Applicable Model

This information is for the following models:

  • PMW-F3K
  • PMW-F3L

Note: Please read the release notes for full details. 
The CBK-DCB01 Demand Converter Box (option) is now supported. This option provides focus/zoom operation from commercially available focus demand/zoom demand devices.
• Supported demand devices:
  – Canon Focus Demand FR-35 or equivalent, Zoom Demand ZSD-15M II
  – FUJIFILM Focus Demand EPD-21A-A01, Zoom Demand ERD-20A-A02
• Recording start/stop is also possible with the REC switch on the demand device connected to the CBK-DCB01.
• Sony RM-B170 or RM-B750 Remote Control Unit can be connected to the CBK-DCB01.
Please read the installation manual carefully before starting the Update.