Applicable Model

This information is for the following models:

  • BVM-E251

This software adds the DC low power indicator and HDMI RGB/YCC Full range functions.


See the operating instructions of the BVM-E251.   

  •  The software version can be found in the 2nd page of the System Status menu.
  •  When the software version is ver.1.00, contact the Sony service representative, your Sony representative or an authorized Sony dealer.
  •  You need to upgrade both Software and FPGA.
  •  The software upgrade takes about 2 minutes per unit and the FPGA upgrade takes about 8 minutes per unit.
  •  Do not turn off the power of the monitor and controller during upgrade.
  •  When the unit is upgraded, connect the monitor to the controller on a PEER TO PEER connection or single connection.
  •  When the unit is upgraded, disconnect the HDMI cable from the monitor.
  •  Check that no errors or warnings are displayed on the indicators when the upgrade is completed.
  •  If an HDMI EDID error occurs, disconnect the HDMI cable from the monitor, and then turn off and on the power of the monitor.